Tere tulemast!

Welcome one and all to FurryEST! Estonia's first furry con in the middle of its beautiful wilderness. At our con, you will be able to enjoy staying at two of the wonderful barge houses here (a smaller one with 20 bed spaces and a larger one with 30!).

You can relax in our 15 person sauna, or simply melt in the hot tub right outside it, or if you are more adventureous, we have canoes you can take to explore the river the barges are on! We also have a field for volleyball, as well as an enourmous green field to frolick, explore and fursuit on whenever you wish, just let out your inner animal!

If you wish to take a bedspot in one of the barges, the cost would be around 50 EUR (cash), but if you wish to tent on the large field, then it would only be around 40 EUR (cash)! And that gets you 4 days and 3 nights filled with memories and something uniqe to look back on for years, so come join FurryEST and have the time of your life!

When? The convetion will be held on 4th to 7th of July, 2019 (Thursday to Sunday).

Where? FurryEST takes place near the village Kabala (GPS coordinates 58.933549,24.659442). The closest larger cities are Rapla and Märjamaa, where we are able to pick people up by car.

To be announced is a single time minibus going from from Tallinn (by boat or plane). From Tallinn it's also quite easy to reach Rapla. Another option is to travel to Märjamaa from Riga through Pärnu.

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Q: How much will the ticket cost?
A: 50€ if you wish to reserve and sleep on a bed in one of the barge houses or 40€ if you wish to tent outside (bring your own tent!)

Q: How can I pay?
A: Generally this year we are still fine taking cash at the beginning of FurryEST. However if you wish to pay in advance then it will be possible on a case-by-case basis. Contact @Clanga on Telegram for financial questions.

Q: Will there be food included?
A: Dinner on all the three nights is included. And there will be snacks around throughout the days.

Q: Will I be able to choose which bed I want to sleep in?
A: Yes! You will be able to choose which bed you wish to sleep in and can later refer the bed number to your friends if you wish to sleep close to one another.

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