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FurryEST 2024 Announcement

It's time to reveal some information about FurryEST 2024!

As is already known, FurryEST 2024 will take place from 4th to 7th of July, at the Kabala Barge Houses (official venue photos)!

However, for those who are travelling a long way and need a good night's rest before the real party gets started or simply want to enjoy FurryEST for that little bit longer, this year also sees the addition of an EARLY ARRIVAL day on the 3rd of July!

Already itching to reserve a spot? Well you'll have to wait until 13th of April, 20:00 EEST (17:00 UTC) for registrations to open! The number of registrations this year will be limited to around 130-140, so make sure you don't miss the registration!

So what of the pricing this year? The prices are going to be the following:
85€ - Convention ticket for the main days, which includes a dinner every evening as well as some "breakfast materials".
+30€ - A bed spot upstairs in either the small- or large barge (main days + early arrival if taking that).
+25€ - Early arrival day ticket (early arrival day will not have any events nor a dance party).
+30€ (or more!) - Sponsorship, which we would absolutely love you for and you'd receive a small token of appreciation for.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the convention be held?

4-7th of July, 2024!

When does registration open?

FurryEST 2024 registration opens on 13th of April, 20:00 EEST (17:00 UTC)!

Where will the convention be held?

FurryEST takes place in Estonia near the village Kabala (GPS coordinates 58°56'00.8"N 24°39'34.0"E). The closest larger cities are Rapla and Märjamaa with bus and train service.

Is transport to the con site available?

From Rapla train station and bus station, there will be free transport provided for those who request it. If you are interested in this option, keep an eye on the Telegram announcements channel.

How old do I need to be to attend this con?

You need to have reached 18 years of age by the first day of the convention.

Can I see some photos of what the con looks like?

Check out our page with photos from 2022 or watch the FurryEST 2023 aftermovie!

How much will the ticket cost?

The base price for a ticket is 85€. Opting for a bed spot on either of the sleeping barges will cost an extra 30€, alternatively you may choose to bring your tent and camp out. This price is including dinner and morning sandwitches during the con.
For +25€ extra you can attend the con a day early (early arrival day will not have any events nor a dance party).

If you'd like to sponsor FurryEST to allow us to make it fancier than ever, then there is a sponsor upgrade starting with 30€!

Will I be able to choose my bed spot?

Yes! You will be able to choose which bed you wish to sleep in during registration and can refer the bed number to your friends if you wish to sleep close to one another.

How many bed spots are available?

There are 50 bed spots available in the barge houses, allocated first come first serve when registering. But even once the bed spots run out, there is always the possibility to bring your own tent and camp out. The space is (almost) unlimited!

How can I keep up with FurryEST news?

If want to be the first to know the news you should follow FurryEST announcements on Telegram! You can also join the chat through these means.


Thank you everybody for attending FurryEST 2023, it was an absolute blast! We hope you all had fun!

While you stay tuned for the announcement of next year's installment, please enjoy the awesome aftermovie video made by mommy!

Fursuiter group photo (2022)

Fursuiter group photo (2019)

See you next year!