FurryEST Rules of Conduct

Last updated: 01.03.2020

The organizers of FurryEST reserve the right to update and/or change the rules of conduct at any time without previous notice.

Rules of Conduct

To ensure a safe and welcoming environment to all attendees at FurryEST, the following rules of conduct apply on the convention premises at all times. You are expected to know these rules and follow them. The exact interpretation of the rules of conduct are left up to the organizers and security staff of FurryEST - if you are not sure about how to interpret a rule, ASK.

Registration and Attending

  • You must be at least 18 years of age by the first day of the convention if you wish to attend FurryEST. The only exception to this rule is an “open camp” day during designated hours.
  • The personal data you provide while registering for FurryEST must match the data on your European ID card or your passport.
  • Your convention badge given to you during registration must be visible at all times throughout the convention, including when fursuiting.
  • Attending the convention without a valid badge is not allowed.
  • Sharing badges is not allowed. Your badge may be worn by you alone. Consequently, wearing another attendee’s badge is not allowed.

General Behaviour and Decency

  • General public decency is expected of all attendees at all times.
  • Treat every attendee with respect.
  • NO means NO. When doing anything that requires consent from the second party (that includes even benign things like hugging) and you are told to stop, then you are to stop immediately.
  • If you are unsure if someone is fine with physical contact of any kind, it is always better to ask first.
  • You are to be properly clothed at all times in public areas. Nudity or overly exposing clothing is not allowed! (eg. thongs or string underwear without another sufficient piece of clothing on top)
  • Most fetish gear is not allowed to be worn in public areas. Fetish gear includes, but is not limited to, latex suits, puppy masks, gags, etc… If you are unsure whether a piece of gear is allowed or not, ask FurryEST organizers or security.
  • Some accessories are allowed to be worn in public areas. Such as basic collars, harnesses or leashes. However during “open camp” times, some items, such as leashes, will be disallowed. If you are unsure whether an item is allowed or not, ask FurryEST organizers or security.
  • Any sexual behaviour that goes beyond a mere display of affection is not allowed in public areas.
  • Display of any adult-themed material of any kind is not allowed in public areas, unless shared/displayed in a manner where you guarantee that other, uninvolved attendees are not exposed to it.
  • The organizers and security of FurryEST reserve the right to decide on the spot what kind of clothing, accessories, gear and behaviour is acceptable or not.
  • In general, use your common sense and common public decency.

Hate Speech and Discrimination

  • Any speech that encourages or supports discrimination, violence, or harassment based on race, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion or nationality is not allowed.
  • Symbols of movements or organizations that support or encourage hateful or violent behaviour are not allowed in any way.

Smoking, Alcohol and other Drugs

  • Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas, this includes e-cigarettes/vapes.
  • Use of other tobacco/nicotine products (eg. snus) is allowed for consumption as long as doing so does not litter the convention space. (discard your used snus in the trash!)
  • Consuming alcohol is permitted in all areas except public sleeping spaces and another attendee’s private space(s) (tents, cars, etc…) without their explicit consent.
  • You are expected to drink responsibly. You will be held liable for anything you do or say even when intoxicated.
  • If overuse of alcohol leads you to compromise the safety and/or wellbeing of yourself, other attendees or the convention space, then you are to follow instructions given to you by FurryEST organizers and/or security. Failure to do so means you will be handed over to local law enforcement for sobering.
  • The possession, consumption or sale of any illegal substances is not permitted anywhere at the convention. This also applies to consuming substances not intended for use as drugs. (eg. sniffing glue)

Convention Space

  • Public convention space is defined as all areas of the barge houses and the immediate surrounding area, including line of sight. Note that even barge sleeping areas are considered public spaces.
  • Private space is considered tents, vehicles and other similar entities owned by an attendee but which conforms to the line of sight clause above. This means, for example, a tent with a view inside it from a public space, must follow public space rules.
  • Please also consider the acoustic properties of your private space. If any (sufficiently loud) sounds coming from your private space are reported as disturbing by any attendee, you are to proceed quietly.
  • Curfew for sleeping areas (this includes tenting area) starts at 11.00 PM (23.00) local time and ends at 7.00 AM (7.00) local time.
  • You are liable for any damages to the convention space as a result of your actions. However if you break or ruin something as a result of a true and sincere accident, then do not fret, FurryEST organizers will do their best to help you out.
  • You are liable for the safety and preservation of your own property. FurryEST is not liable for any private property lost, damaged or destroyed. However, any suspected cases of theft are to be reported to security as soon as possible. Also do not hesitate to report just a simple lost item, FurryEST staff will keep an eye out for it.
  • Littering the convention space or the river is strictly prohibited. (This also means you are not to leave empty beverage containers laying around the convention space!)


  • The health of the fursuiters is a priority! If a fursuiter is showing signs of distress, you are to enable and/or suggest the quickest path to resolving the problem. Including if it means breaking some other rule of conduct within reason.
  • Fursuiters are to be given priority when getting on or off the barge complex.
  • Fursuiters are not to be tackled, pushed or in any way startled, especially when on the barges!

Sauna and Swimming

  • All showers and saunas at FurryEST are unisex.
  • Attendees that have recently finished fursuiting are to be given shower priority.
  • Nudity within the sauna area is allowed. However you are not to remain nude when standing outside on the deck. Nudity on the deck is only allowed during migration from the sauna to the hot tub or river for swimming… or vice versa. Clothing or a towel around at least your waist is required if you wish to spend time sitting/standing on the deck. Uncovered breasts do not constitute nudity on the deck.
  • Know your limits in terms of both how long you are able to be in the sauna and whether you should be swimming or not.
  • You are not to pour anything apart from pure water onto the sauna rocks.
  • Using a vihta in the sauna is allowed as long as you do not disturb other attendees in doing so and you clean up after yourself.
  • Drinks, including alcohol used in the sauna area must be in metal containers. Drinks in glass and plastic containers are not allowed in the sauna area.
  • The river is deep, so please do not go swimming if you are not proficient at it. Also please do not go swimming if you are overly intoxicated.
  • Jumping into the river is only allowed from a predetermined spot on the deck.
  • Jumping into the river must be performed safely. This means no backflips or any other sort of tricks… just jump in.
  • You may not jump into the river if there is any risk of colliding with another attendee.
  • You are strictly prohibited from diving under the barge houses!

Weapons, look-alikes and Dangerous Substances

  • You are strictly prohibited from bringing any firearms of any kind to FurryEST, even if you have a legal capability to do so. Exemption to this rule is on-duty local law enforcement.
  • You are prohibited from bringing any of the following items to FurryEST without consultation and agreement from FurryEST organizers and security BEFORE the convention starts:
    • non-firearm projectile weapons of any kind (bows, slingshots, airsoft, etc…)
    • other cold weapons (swords, maces, flails, etc…)
    • self defence weapons (tasers, pepper spray, etc…)
    • non-functioning weapon replicas of any kind that are difficult to tell apart from real counterparts
    • ANY fireworks
  • Multitools and pocket knives with one sided blades where the blade length does not exceed 7 centimeters are fine to possess, however the strict recommendation is that you do not openly carry or play around with them. If someone asks you to put it away, do so.
  • Toy weapons (eg. LARP swords or NERF blasters) are to be presented to FurryEST organizers and/or security upon arrival to the convention, at which point a decision will be made about whether you are allowed to carry it around during the convention and moreover, when and where you are allowed to use them for their intended purpose.
  • You are strictly prohibited from bringing any explosives of any kind to FurryEST.
  • You are prohibited from bringing other dangerous substances (eg. corrosive substances, highly flammable substances, etc…) to FurryEST without consultation and agreement from FurryEST organizers and security.

Commercial Activity

  • Commercial activity at FurryEST is allowed as long as doing so does not impede the flow of the convention. If you are not sure what constitutes impeding the flow of the convention, please ask FurryEST organizers and/or security.
  • Dealing adult-themed goods must be done in private areas.
  • Dealing illegal or dangerous goods of any kind at FurryEST is prohibited.

Photography (and videos)

  • By taking any photographs or video in public areas during the convention, you give FurryEST the right to use your work for promotional materials with credit given to you.
  • You are not to take photos or video that defames or otherwise damages the reputation of FurryEST.
  • You are not allowed to photograph or video any circumstances where someone is in a vulnerable or otherwise embarrassing state. (eg. someone is in need of medical aid)
  • Photographing and/or taking video in or towards the sauna area is not allowed.
  • Possible restrictions to photographing or taking videos may apply to certain areas and/or events. These cases will be made known on the spot.

Pets and Animals

  • Generally FurryEST does not allow any pets during the convention. In case you wish to bring your pet you must consult with FurryEST organizers before the start of the convention.
  • Service animals are not pets, therefore the rule above does not apply for service animals. However, anybody bringing a service animal is still required to contact FurryEST as soon as possible after registering, so that we can properly accommodate their needs.
  • Emotional support or therapy animals are not service animals.

Violation of any of the rules above will be met with sanctions towards you, the severity of which can range from a friendly reminder to immediate removal of your attendee status and/or a ban from future FurryEST conventions. The severity of your sanctions will be decided solely by the organizers and/or security of FurryEST. The organizers of FurryEST reserve the right to remove/ban attendees in exceptional cases even if the offence is not covered by the rules of conduct. Please also note that sanctions towards you may be applied even outside the convention time if FurryEST gains knowledge of your misconduct.

If you have any questions about any of the rules of conduct or how to interpret them, contact FurryEST organizers through conops@furryest.org.