FurryEST Rules of Conduct

Last updated: 09.07.2023

The organizers of FurryEST reserve the right to update and/or change the rules of conduct at any time without previous notice.

Rules of Conduct

To ensure a safe and welcoming environment to all attendees at FurryEST, the following rules of conduct apply on the convention premises at all times. You are expected to know these rules and follow them. The exact interpretation of the rules of conduct are left up to the organizers and security staff of FurryEST - if you are not sure about how to interpret a rule, ASK.

Registration and Attending

General Behaviour and Decency

Hate Speech and Discrimination

Smoking, Alcohol and other Drugs

Convention Space


Sauna and Swimming

Weapons, look-alikes and Dangerous Substances

Commercial Activity

Photography (and videos)

Pets and Animals

Covid-19 and Illness

Violation of any of the rules above will be met with sanctions towards you, the severity of which can range from a friendly reminder to immediate removal of your attendee status and/or a ban from future FurryEST conventions. The severity of your sanctions will be decided solely by the organizers and/or security of FurryEST. The organizers of FurryEST reserve the right to remove/ban attendees in exceptional cases even if the offence is not covered by the rules of conduct. Please also note that sanctions towards you may be applied even outside the convention time if FurryEST gains knowledge of your misconduct.

If you have any questions about any of the rules of conduct or how to interpret them, contact FurryEST organizers through conops@furryest.org.