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Photos from FurryEST 2019

The first time the event was called "FurryEST"!

The con took place on a pair of barge houses situated on a beautiful river.

A lot of space to frolick and tent right in front of the barges as well.

It wouldn't be a furry con without a collection of fluffs!

A kitchen was available for anybody rad enough to use it!

An epic canoe race took place. It was tight!

Or maybe Dungeons and Dragons is your type of game?

Would you like some kohuke?

Every good outdoor con has a panel on tree climbing!

In fursuit or not, we all have fun playing some frisbee!

The last night of the con, we start a big bonfire and chat and sing together deep into the night!

Every year is different, so these are only examples of the kind of fun you can have! Excited to join us yet?